The Hill Runners of Hunterdon running club is located in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. In addition to running the beautiful and challenging hills of Hunterdon, we host social events throughout the year. We have runners of varying ages and abilities and welcome new runners to come join us. Click here for more info.


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We have a new sponsor! Looking for a great meal for a special person or occasion? Check out our new sponsor: Todd Terricone's (Cyrena's husband) Dynamite Dishes.

We don't see (some) of you! The Member Photo page is being updated to reflect our current membership. Please send in your photos and captions or updates.

HRH Dues are due! We are now accepting club dues for 2015. Same as before, $20 for an individual, and $30 for family. Dues may be sent in to the club address on this website, or given to our Treasurer, Ed Leydon, at any run. Membership forms are not needed for renewals unless there are changes.

We have a Club Calendar. It has upcoming runs, races, weekday runs and track workouts. If you'd like to have a race, training run or any HRH related event posted, email Becca.

Library: Did you know that there is a Library Page on our website? It has lists of running books and movies. Check it out and let us know if you have any to add.

Looking for someone to join you on your next long run, need info on an upcoming race? Check out the HRH Forum. Please fill out enough data when registering so we can ensure you're a real runner and not a spammer.

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Interested in Running With Us?

Non-members are welcome to join us on any of our scheduled runs, but we specifically invite you to join us on the first Saturday of each month for our Guest Runner Day.  On these days, HRH members will serve as escort runners on routes ranging from 3 to 10 miles.  We'll go at your pace, whatever that pace may be, and afterwards we'll provide refreshments so that you can meet more members and see if running with us is something you'd like to do on a regular basis!

Guest Runner Saturday Treats

Upcoming Club Runs and Events

Saturdays 7:30 am -Bundt ParkThis is the club's regular Saturday run. 10 miles is the norm, easily modified for shorter or longer distances.

Sunday, 7:30 am March 29 - Cushetunk-Stanton Mountain Park at the Cushetunk Mountain parking lot- 15 miles 'round Round Valley and o'er Stanton Mountain but there are lots of route options, both road and trail.

Sunday Runs

4/5/2015 Stockton
4/12/2015 Lenape Park
4/19/2015 Kingwood Park
4/26/2015 Columbia Trail

For future club run suggestions click here. If you would like to host a run from your house, send us the route(s) and any pertinent info. HRH reimburses $25 for hosting club runs.

Upcoming races for club members this week:

Sunday, March 29 - Two Rivers Marathon

HRH is dog friendly!

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